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Father and Daughter

Does your baby have a hard time with sleeping, constipation, teething or colic? Or maybe you just want to learn another method of playing with your baby. If you answered yes to any of those this series is for you!


Infant massage helps with a multitude of issues infants face. With all of the knowledge you will gain throughout this series you will become part of your child's healthcare team.

Infant massage is structured for infants 3 weeks to 3 years old.



Each session is about 45-60 minutes long. This includes going over any concerns you may have about your babies health and finding the best treatment plan for them.


In 4 classes we feel confident you will come away feeling confident in your new massage skills.


Infant massage should only be used as an alternative medicine and is not replacing any other form of healthcare.


Dates: Upon request

This is a 4 week series, each week you will learn a new routine.

  • Week 1: Legs and feet, an introduction to touch

  • Week 2: Tummy massage, helps with colic and other digestive issues

  • Week 3: Teething and congestion

  • Week 4: Back and relaxation, helps with sleep and communication through touch


Course Fees

Payment is to be made by the first class. Cash, e-transfer, and credit cards accepted. Receipts will be given at the end of the series or weekly upon request.​




Thrive Chiropractic and Wellness

101-191 Edwards Way SW, Airdrie AB


*Single class drop in available

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