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Pediatric massage can look like a traditional massage on the table with oil, but it can also look very different. Each child gets to choose their treatment from pressure, music, body regions, and clothing.


Depending on the age and cognition of the child or adolescent depends on the techniques used. Sensory play, massage stories or songs are always great tools for children that don't like to sit still. 

What to bring: (If the child is younger)

  • A stuffed animal or safety blanket

  • A book

  • A simple sensory toy

What will the massage look like?

  • Laying on the table, or in a parents arms

  • Seated on the table or on a pillow

  • We may play with toys, or read books during the massage

If the child is not ready for massage we may practice breathing techniques, or do demonstrations on the parent.

*We do ask that the parents stay in the room the whole treatment for younger children.  This allows them to feel completely comfortable and safe. 

Receipts are provided at the end of the treatment so you can claim them on your insurance plan. 

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