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How I got into Pediatric Massage

Updated: Aug 29, 2020

How did I become interested in pediatric massage? It's simple, babies and kids are so much fun, they love massage and tell the best jokes!

It all began when I was in school for Massage Therapy at Mount Royal University in Calgary. One of my sisters was pregnant at the time and I decided to do my final case study on pregnancy massage.

While treating my sister I also started treating my four-year-old nephew.

My nephew is a special little boy, he loves cars, dancing, snuggles, and he has ADHD. This little boy had a lot of built-up energy. When I started massaging him he would only sit still for a few minutes, but soon he began to sit for 10, 20, 30 minutes! It was amazing!

This got me thinking, what kind of education is out there for pediatric massage?

What kind of research is out there for pediatric massage? Turns out not a lot.

Luckily, I found LiddleKidz Foundation with Tina Allen. Tina Allen is the premier authority on infant and pediatric massage worldwide. After taking her Certified Infant Massage Teacher course, I was hooked.

I started doing more research and talking to more parents about massage as well as other healthcare professionals. This has now turned into a big passion of mine!

Sadly most people don't think about babies, children, or even teenagers needing a massage. But trust me they do, and once they have their first massage they will keep asking for more.

Flash forward to today, my nephew is now 8 years old and still loves massage. I am continuing to grow my knowledge and love for helping children and have the BEST job!

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