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Massage Story - "Making a Pizza"

Okay, but seriously who doesn't love pizza! If you don't that's okay, I won't judge. I do feel like it's pretty safe to say your kiddo probably likes pizza.

If your child doesn't like pizza that's okay! You can make cookies, muffins, or pasta. The list is never-ending. Choose their favorite food and just go with it!

Below I have attached a video of me massaging one of my kiddos using the "Making a Pizza" massage story from Tina Allen's A Modern-day Guide to Massage for Children.

It's simple but effective!

I start off by asking his permission to massage him. Keep in mind little T has had massage and chiropractic since birth, he gives consent really quick. Then you go with what the kiddo wants. Each ingredient gets a slightly different technique. Starting and ending with long soothing strokes to calm their nervous systems.

This video is only a few minutes long but you can sit there as long as they're engaged and enjoying their massage!

I hope you give massage stories a try with your kiddo, and let me know how it goes!

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