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What does a paediatric physiotherapy appointment look like?

At the end of November (yes, it has taken me this long to write this blog post) we did an interview with Tracy Banister from Calgary Youth Physiotherapy. I refer lots of our little client's over to them and always get asked a series of questions with regards to paediatric physiotherapy. We thought it would be a great idea to have Tracy answer the most frequently asked questions for you!

If you want to watch the Instagram live video click this link, What does a paediatric physiotherapy appointment look like?. If you don't want to watch me be impatient with technology fast forward to 2:00 in.

Here is a brief over view of what Tracy went over,

Initial assessment:

1) Subjective history/ questions:

a. Start off by asking questions about what brings them in

to the clinic, if they are experiencing any pain, what

makes their pain better and worse, what type of

activities or hobbies they are involved with. We try and

get an understanding of what day to day life looks like

and how we can improve their pain or improve any

dysfunction or limitations they are experiencing.

b. If the child is able/willing we get them to answer as

many of questions as possible and have the parents fill

in the gaps. Kids are amazing historians!

2) Moving portion: we look at how the kiddo moves through play

base, exercise base, or general movements (walking, running,

jumping). We test muscle flexibility/ ROM and strength.

  • General outline but an assessment of a baby will look different

from a teenager. Tailored to age, ability, and the kiddos interests. If

they are involved in sports we always try and look at specific

sports exercises, movements and drills.

  • A lot of kids come in for the first time nervous until we get to the

games and then they realize that physiotherapy is actually a lot of

fun. Often kids will say “this is way more fun then I expected”.

  • Based on findings we will create an individualized exercise

program the kiddo can follow at home.

  • We provide education on our findings (explain the what and they

why), if kiddos and parents don’t understand why they are doing

the exercises they won’t do them

  • We also provide education on any other referrals (other health

care professional like massage!) or products that may be

necessary (shoes, braces, helmets etc.)

Appointments can also include: manual therapy (hands on techniques:

massage, joint mobilizations, dry needling, cupping etc), different taping


How long are the appointments:

o Initial assessments 45-60 minutes depending on complexity

o Follow ups 30-60 minutes depending on complexity and families


o One on one during appointments: only treat one patient at a time

and we are with the patients for the entire duration of the


What type of conditions do you treat?

o Torticollis (tight neck)/ plagiocephaly/ brachycephaly (flat heads)

o Gross Motor milestone check ups (is baby achieving motor

milestones at the right time)

o Gross Motor delay

o Congenital conditions

o Musculoskeletal pain

o Paediatric growth plate conditions (severs, osgood shlatters)

o Sports injuries

o Arthritis

o Neuromuscular Disorders

o Post surgical and post fracture

Did you know that Calgary Youth Physiotherapy has two locations, and they also treat adults!

North location -

Suite 101, 4616 Valiant Drive NW,

Calgary, AB T3A 0X9

Provident Professional Building

South location -

Suite 203, 7720 Elbow Drive SW,

Calgary, AB, T2V 1K2

Kingsland Plaza

We love working with CYP. The combination of massage therapy along with physiotherapy allows us to get to the root of the problem even more effectively!

If you want more information on Calgary Youth Physiotherapy or to book an appointment with them visit their (linked above).

We love shinning spot light on amazing local companies. Who would you like to see us interview next?


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