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People are always surprised to hear that kids need massages too!

It's true. Their bodies are constantly developing and changing. Massage can help them with sports injuries, growing pains, stress, anxiety, and learning what healthy touch looks like. 

After they get their first massage they will keep asking to come back!

Happy Baby

"Maggie is amazing! My baby took right to her and she was great at showing me how I can incorporate infant massage as a way to help with bonding, reflux, sleep and teething issues my little one had! I highly recommend Maggie!"

       - Morgan C.

Pediatric Massage

Integrating play into massage!

4-18 Years old

This massage might be seated on the table, or laying down under the sheets. We won't know until the kiddo decides

Infant Massage

Start healthy habits young!

0-3 Years old

We do lots of playing with toys and bouncing around as we get massaged at this age

Image by Kelly Sikkema
Prenatal Massage

Growing a human is hard work!

Let us help you relieve the pains associated with growing a tiny person. If anything come have a stress free hour to yourself, you deserve it

Psst Over Here!

Did you know that we offer DIRECT BILLING and ONLINE BOOKING?

Check out the link below to find out more about booking with us!

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